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Why Didn't My Home Sell - The Seller's Edge by Southern Missouri Homes and Farms

“Why didn’t my home sell?” It’s a question we hear over and over again from frustrated sellers. And in just 11 minutes, we can tell you the answer.

Is it because we’re in Missouri, and not Manhattan or San Francisco? Is it because ranches are out of style? Or because primetime for selling is gone for the year?

No! The strength of the market isn’t the real reason your house didn’t find a buyer. The truth is that almost any property can bring you value, if you create your own Seller’s Edge – a “silver bullet” solution that analyzes the underlying causes for why you are still sitting on a property that you want (and maybe need) to sell.

The most common answers many Realtors will give you fall into predictable categories:

1 – It’s the market, silly!

2 – It’s a bad time of year!

3 – It’s not what buyers are looking for!

Notice anything strange about those three answers to the question “Why DIDN’T my home sell?” Let us give you a hint: they all shift the responsibility onto external circumstances, and they don’t admit to the real problem. Your Realtor may have simply got it wrong.

In fact, the REAL reasons why a home doesn’t sell are not usually due to these external forces that cannot be controlled – they’re down to three things that your real estate partner should be able to get right first time if they’re worth their salt. In our experience, 90% of unsold homes are down to some combination of the following reasons:

1 – Poor marketing.

2 – The home doesn’t show well.

3 – The property is listed above the reasonable market price.


Why Didn’t My Home Sell?

Take our 11-minute challenge and find out!

Let’s start with the third reason, and work backward.



Here’s the deal: buyers shop around. The Internet makes it easy. From baked beans to GMC pickup bed covers, buyers find bargains online. If your home is overpriced, it will be overlooked too.

The days of overpricing and hoping for an uninformed out-of-state buyer with pockets full of money are past – and as a side note, buyers with cash are the hardest to sell to (because they know they have a lot of leverage).

If someone gets a loan to purchase your property, the lender will require an appraisal, and virtually no-one will pay more than appraised value. If you want to price your home properly, your agent should prepare a CMA (comparative market analysis)  for your property. We compare your property to the price of other closed properties, which is just like every other Realtor out there – but here’s the difference…

We’ll give you a value that’s honest, truthful, and real. It doesn’t always win us friends. It doesn’t always win us your business. But it sells homes.

Your price is where you have the most control over the sale of your home or farm. Don’t let someone hoodwink you into thinking it’s worth more than it really is, because then you’ll be stuck owning something you don’t want, for much longer than you have to! We will ALWAYS advocate for the highest price we think you can get… we guarantee that we want you to walk away with as much money in your pocket as possible. But we’ll also help you balance your expectations with your needs, so that you have the best chance to sell quickly, efficiently, and at the highest realistic price.



You can’t change your home’s location (you’re not in Kansas anymore!) but you CAN change how it shows.

Our Home Value Audit will help you assess how well your home will show to buyers and what you can do to improve the frequency, quality, and potential of showings. Some of the things we help with are obvious: pick up around the house! But others – like staging the home so that it feels spacious, or giving visitors the feeling that they could live here and can imagine their own furniture in the living room… these are skills we’ve acquired over decades in the business.

When we show your home, our goal is to make people fall in love with it. And we’ll show you how.



If your agent truly worked their tushy off to sell your property… if they marketed it with skill and highlighted its desirability… if they kept in touch and came up with new ideas on how to sell your home… then stick with them!

But if they failed to measure up on ANY of these things, consider a change.

We are creating a specific kind of marketing here at Southern Missouri Homes and Farms. It’s not particularly new, or clever – it’s simply applying the best Madison Avenue principles to your local market, and your home in particular. We use social media not just to notify, but to enhance the public perception of your property. We use techniques that the real estate behemoths hardly consider to improve the search ranking for your property (and we’re not telling how, because they’ll be reading this!)

We’re local, we love our region, we’ve been here our whole lives – and we know exactly how, where, and when to advertise your home. So if you ever have to ask “Why didn’t my home sell,” it won’t be because we didn’t market it properly. And that’s a promise.


With an 11 minute appointment:

We can look at your property and shed some new light on what it will take to GET IT SOLD.

The average Joe does not want to discuss the value of your property until the very end and is not willing to invest the time to prepare an accurate CMA. We will start out by preparing an accurate, honest CMA and discuss it with you, because we know the expected sale price will determine whether you want to sell your property or not.

After you decide you want to move forward and list your property, then we start the marketing campaign.

The average Joe will come over and snap a few photos maybe with their smartphone. We work very hard to get great photos, and when necessary we will use other professionals to make that happen. Using our Specialized Home Value Audit, we will give you advice and help you stage your home that will attract buyers. We will show you things that need to be repaired or updated to help with the sale.

Average Joe will simply list your home on the SoMo MLS. We will list your property in the SoMo MLS plus Maris (one of the country’s largest, based in St. Louis).

We use an 800 number marketing very effectively. Your property will be assigned an 800 number that will allow buyers to call 24 hours to receive free recorded information. Try it yourself call 800-238-8085 Ext. 9111.

We shine on Facebook, and we’re developing our social media presence elsewhere too. Our business page is linked to our website, and it allows us to boost your property to thousands of targeted buyers. (Buyers can even search our inventory DIRECTLY from Facebook – know anyone else who does that?)

We operate our business as a team, meaning someone will be available to assist you at all times. And when customers are ready to see your property, so are we.

Average Joes focus on selling their own listings. We work well with all agents and we want every agent working with us to sell your property. When we win, they win, you win, and the buyer wins. That’s the outcome we focus on – WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN!

If you are serious about selling your property, contact us today and take the Seller’s Edge 11-minute challenge.

Two promises we will make to you. 

  1. You will never receive any pressure from us to sell before you are ready.
  2. At the end of every transaction, we will have worked hard to earn your respect – and hopefully your friendship.

We can’t promise that we will sell your home. Nobody can. But we can absolutely guarantee that we will work harder, with more commitment, and with more knowledge, than almost anyone else in the business. It’s just who we are.

Why didn’t my home sell? That’s a question we hope you’ll never have to ask again.